New Design & Some Login Problems.

By michaelpough
New Design & Some Login Problems.

Hey guys,

I wanted to make a post to welcome you all to the new and improved Melkormancin.Com and to also let you know about a few issues we are having with the site being LIVE at this time. Right now a few of you may not be able to login. Your info is not wrong. It's a bug we found once the site went LIVE and we should be able to have it fixed later today (FIXED).

I'll be posting again to let you all know once that has been taken care of. For those of you who are able to login, I'm sure you're seeing some huge changes. The biggest change is the new "My Account" page area. This is where you'll be logging in most of your time. Though, most of it is deactivated until Monday. Monday I'll be making a new post going over the features so you could get the most out of "My Account". Melkormancin.Com has new pricing memberships. Stop by when you have some time.

Starting Monday, other artists in the FLAANation network will be going LIVE as well. If you have a Prime Membership, you'll be able to login like you did here. It's quick and easy. Again, I'll go over more Monday. I want to also note real that we are working on the moblie design at this time and it should be done in about two weeks. I know surfing Melkormancin.Com on moblie right now, isn't the best it should be. We will have an updated design coming shortly.  I want to thank you all for your patience while we fix the last few bugs. Enjoy the site and see you soon.

Update: 3/2/2019 3:39am
All Prime memberships should be able to login now. FLAANation prime members from other artists and sites will be able to login fully Monday.

-Michael Pough

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